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Third day legislature Proceedings foiled by MLA’s

2:30 PM, Thursday, February 2nd, 2012
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CONG-MLABangalore: The so-called elected representatives of people be are only servants of people in a legislature, and not masters of democracy. They dress well and eat well, live well and commit sins of shame in society, and try to escape legal consequences, and if sentenced to jail, try to get out on large bail amounts which common man cannot pay to win freedom.

Then they again commit sins against people by misbehavior, disbelief and dishonestly as a riches class.

On Wednesday Feb.1, 2012, the Congress MLA’s created unwanted trouble in legislature over speaker’s resignation and held the session to ransom by its neck.

The legislature had to be adjourned.

The ‘hide and seek’ games played by BJP and opposition legislators has to be in the open for valid reasons.

In Karnataka, not only CM, but state Governor, and now the speaker, his condemned by these legislature in one way or the other, by absence or by presence, or by abuse, a given day in legislature, and by ugly demonstration within the hall, in the well and even near speaker’s chair also.

CONG-MLAThe speaker K.G. Bilabials, cannot set on his high chair on Feb.1, because of 5 independent MLA’s yes, they given fresh lease of like by Supreme Court, which ruled that Bopaiah’s action of disqualifying their membership to save the BJP government in a vote of ‘no-confidence’  against it, in which BJP did not want 16 MLAs to vote against the government, and this decision of speaker to disqualify them (including the 5 ex-ministers/MLAs) was ruled as ‘unconstitutional’ by the supreme Court bench.

Taking this as a beating stick, the 5 MLAs and other congress MLAs woke black bands or waistcoats in legislature, and confronted CM to force Bopaiah as speaker on Tuesday, and again on Wednesday.

Deputy speaker and Mangalore BJP MLAs, N.Yogish Bhat, deputised for speaker Bopaiah in the deliberate absence of the latter, giving an opportunity to Bhat to conduct legislative proceeding, but for third successive day out of 10 days of this New year session, are legislative work was possible.

This is a disregard for democracy, through which the MLAs came into Vidhana Soudha, only to do nothing but disturbances and adjournments, to assembly sitting in 2012.

Whither democratic movement? To the brink?

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