Kadri park Horticultural Exhibition Today, up to Sunday ( March 29 to April 1)

11:19 AM, Friday, March 30th, 2012
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Kadri-FlowerMangalore: Flower and vegetable Shows are popularised by Horticulture department Lalbagh, Bangalore and Mangalore is holding it in spring time on March 29.

The colourful and crowed programme is organised By MCC, DK-ZP, and DK Horticulture department. The flowers-fruits-vegetables Show is held at Kadri Park, from March30 till April 1(both inclusive)for only 3 days to keep it fresh, and culminating on Sunday, When hundreds of families visit the large Park .

The inaugural ceremony is fixed at 4.30pm on Friday, for those who can make it.

Gardening and growing vegetables-fruits-flowers around one’s house or on terrace has become an art in city, in many house plots in suburbs. There a fascinating attempt to keep our surroundings clean and green in the coastal city which has many parks, independent houses, and vacant areas.

Dr.S. Nanda, deputy director of local Horticulture department wants public awareness about all forms of gardening all over the coastal city. His press meet was attended by several officials and Gardening enthusiasts.

There are 29 varieties of flower, 31 varieties of vegetables, and 90 varieties of medicinal plants in this year’s exhibition.

There is a flower arrangement Show also culture programmes information stalls nurseries, horticultural displays are the other highlights of Kadri Park Show.

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