Muslim couple in road accident leave 5 sons to mourn their loss

11:05 AM, Thursday, April 19th, 2012
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Pick-up-bike-accidentMangalore: In a bleak Wednesday (April 18) road accident, on NH 66 at BaiKampady, a pick-up truck rammed into a motorbike at 6-15AM to kill a couple, Sirajuddin(47) of Jokatte and wife Khateeja(37), when they were going to Suratkal. They are survived by 5 Children all sons.

pick-up-bike-accidentThe pick-up vehicle was driven rashly, as seen by the badly mangled motor-bike, after the accident.

They were going to a hospital where Khateeja’s niece was just recovering after a surgery.

The last child of the deceased couple was only an 18 months old baby.

The Railway authorities have neglected the narrow over-bridge which needs to be widened to avoid accidents.

The Tata pick up truck was seized by Panambur police who registered a case. Driver Jayaram was arrested in the process.

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