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Demand for KMF milk increases

10:36 AM, Saturday, June 30th, 2012
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Kmf milkBangalore : D Srinath, Chief of Marketing of KMF has said that the  milk sale target of KMF has exceeded by 20 per cent following the  steep increase in purchase of milk in the past four month period. He said if 42 lakh kilos of milk used to be purchased during the period last year; it has now increased to 52 lakh kilos.

He said presently KMF was producing 31 lakh  litres of pasteurized milk, 3.5 lakh liters of curds, 2.5 lakh litres of UHT Milk(Goodlife) and one lakh litre milk for milk products. As for the rest, 2 lakh litres of milk is supplied to Kerala.

He further said KMF was presently engaged in the task of improving marketing facilities as well as basic services.


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