Mangalore University denies admission to Vittal for 3rd semester

12:10 PM, Tuesday, July 17th, 2012
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Vittal Malekudiya Mangalore: The Mangalore University has denied admission to Vittal Malekudiya to the third semester of the post graduate course in journalism on the grounds that he was facing attendance shortage in the previous semester. It may be recalled here that Vittal who was arrested in March for alleged links with Naxals was released a few weeks ago.

Incidentally, the University which had denied permission to Vital to write his annual exams, later permitted after the court directed to allow him to write his exams.

Now the University is citing attendance shortage to admit him into the third semester.

In a letter, Dr Waheeda Sultana, Chairperson of the Department of MCJ of Mangalore University, said Vittal has below 52 per cent attendance as against the 75 per cent mandatory attendance that was required.

However, the decision of the University has been condemned by the DYFI which would be holding a meeting on July 20 to discuss the issue.



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