70,000 TikTok followers for old farmer from Vijayapura

Tuesday, January 28th, 2020

Vijayapura : Tik Tok app has revolutionized the way social media functions. Because of Tik Tok videos, an old man has become extremely popular. Within a month since he began to upload Tik Tok videos, he has earned over 70,000 followers. The man is from Devanagaon village in Alamela taluk in Vijayapura district. His name […]

70,000 students of D.K and Udupi districts set up a new world record for Yogasanas performed together for 30 minutes

Friday, December 13th, 2013

 Mangalore: The old gunnies world record for performed Yogasanas simultaneously in 362 schools by 29,973 students in 2012, has been broken on Thursday Dec.12 2013 by 70,000 students of D.K and Udupi district students a fresh. This old record stood for 18 minutes in 2012, whereas the new record in 2013 is for duration of […]

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