Installing GPS in Sand Transporting Trucks is necessary: DC

8:50 PM, Monday, July 26th, 2010

Mangalore, Jul 26: The sand transporting trucks installed with GPS and painted with diamond white on the bonnet and blue on the bumper can take the sand for transportation, but the trucks violating even on of the rule cannot take it, said DC V Ponnuraj.

He was speaking at the press meeting after conducting the Task Force meeting called by the joint action committee of Sand Contractors, Sand Boat owner-workers and building material transporter at DC Chamber on July 26, Monday.

Speaking on the occasion, he also said that the trucks installing GPS is not enough, but they must have the permit to carry the sand transporting. In case the trucks transporting sand to Kerala is caught by the authorities, the permit of the trucks will be cancelled.

The sand transporting trucks must compulsorily follow the rule of paint, sticker at the front with eh number given by the association. Until this information is not dissemination among truck owners, the authority have to support them and create awareness on the issue, he said.

He said that the sand taking from the harbor must be controlled. The GPS installed trucks can carry, sand, granite and stones and other construction material, but one who are not in the system cannot take sand.

When there are 30 routes to go out of Karnataka, it is not possible to trace the sand transporting trucks for the authorities; hence installation of GPS is necessary. Even the bus operators have agreed to install GPS.

The state government is planning to do the stickering of the trucks, but now the operation is done according to the power given to the task force.

The sand ones seized will be used for government purpose, by giving them the transportation charge. This system was adopted in two places, but the court had put stay on it.

When the sand transporting trucks goes to same place, the authorities will get the information.  When this repeats, the case will be filed against the land owners where they have stored the sand. We will not spare anyone in this account, he said.

We do not force all the trucks to install GPS but only to sand carrying trucks and around 50 percent of permit holders have trucks and half of the system may be corrected through this, he stated.

Speaking on the cancellation of sand to IOSRO, DC said that there was no provision for ISRO was provided by the state government. If ISRO suffers they can ask Kerala government, instead of taking sand from Karnataka. The installation of CCTV to check the measure will cost around Rs 4 to 5 crore and if possible that too will be done, he informed.

He also said that there has been no legal frame on this, hence there is necessary to work on it, at present only 400 to 500 lorries will be given the membership in the association and the we donot take any action to control rate.

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