IVRC official kidnapped, taken round the city in a Car, and sent back to Bangalore by MSEZ employees

8:46 PM, Friday, September 17th, 2010
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Mangalore: A company known as IVRCL lodged a complaint on Aug.16 at the local Barke  police station to say that its official deputed from Bangalore to Mangalore to submit Tender documents to MSEZL / WS / 01, was kidnapped in MSEZ office for refusing to join a Cartel Tender with a kick back of Rs.15 crores in it.
The IVRCL official, by name Rajeshwar Achary, had stayed in a hotel at Urwa stores, Mangalore suburbs, close to the MSEZ local office. The kidnapping and safe return were handled by BJP leaders, (MP) Nalin Kumar Kateelu, MCC Corporator Srikar Prabhu, and some BJP activists, it is alleged.

IVRCL is Hyderabad (AP) based. A MSEZ employee also had a hand in (MSEZ) story of kidnap, it appears. Rajeshwar Achary was held in captivity only for the period of submitting tenders, as he refused overtures from MSEZ to join a cartel tender with Rs.15 crores squeezed into the tender amount. IVRCL was not allowed to bid and there is a services doubt expressed now, about the entire tender process being a cooked one giving the plum contract to only ”cartel” members, whoever they may be.
Prior to Achary’s abduction, and making him go round the city for no purpose mobile calls from Mangalore were repeatedly made on Aug. 14-15, asking IVRCL (Bengaluru) to join a cartel meeting. Who was behind the kidnapping game in MSEZ and among public (BJP) leaders, is yet to come out.
R. Achary’s written statement, a complaint and FIR with the Barke police were available with IVRCL, which was not allowed to submit a tender to MSEZ on Aug. 16, it is alleged. Investigation into this case is going on.


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