Jaswant Singh plimps for Advani as PM-to-be

3:49 PM, Friday, November 18th, 2011

LK-Advani-and-Jaswant-SinghNew Delhi: The BJP leaders, one after the other, are behaving like match-fixers and betting buffs. They count the chicken before eggs are hatched. In New Delhi, they talk like astrologers on mid-term elections, before a 5-year term is completed by whoever has the popular mandate. It is an evil habit like drug addiction, but BJP is after power and in the consequent consolidation of that power by hook or crook, as under Vajpayee, when its government was overturned by one vote a decade back, and they later did not complete a 5-year term, but called a General Election with 6 months to go, yet only lost the election in 2004! They could not win in 2009 either.

Now Jaswant Singh, a responsible leader who returned to BJP, keeps speculating in press on November 18 that as the mid-term elections drawnear, there are no differences of opinion about BJP Top leadership!

Is he so naïve or Sure, with Gadkari and Modi in two boats? But Singh says that it is not NaMo, but L.K. Advani, a senior leader and MP, who had conducted Jan Chetan Yatra recently, was the Prime ministerial candidate.

It may lead to a nasty defeat by spilling names beforehand so early.

Jaswant Sing is certain that people would elect BJP in place of Congress(or UPA), as the party in power next. There was no debate, nor any doubt Advani being the supreme of BJP, he added. He was answering media queries under a tense speculation.

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