7:25 PM, Monday, September 13th, 2010
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Bangalore: The family entertainer was in cans for 18 months as the producer needed money to release it. Happily, it has come to the theatre when Gowri-Ganesha festivals came round and family audiences went in search of such a film.
It has Ramya and Ramkumar in the man lead, with melodious music form a newcomer. Sujit Shetty. It is a well crafted film made by another debutant, Sigamoni.
The director knows his onions and does not let the audience know what is coming next. He brings lovely songs in between changes of scenery in the story.
The story has a boy and a girl in love with an ACP (officer) frowning upon the boy on seeing his daughters necklace in the boy’s neck. The girl makes no secret of her love for him (boy) whether he is in Bangalore or Hubli, where he is sent by ACP to face his own sister and win over in a test.
Whether the boy Vishwas (Premkumar) and the girl (Ramya) unite in wedlock is to be seen on the screen, under peculiar circumstances.
Ramya dominates the film, as a stealer of scenes. The two stars make a good pair. Premkumar has a screen presence and his way of talk is arresting. Sudha Belwadi in the role of hero’s mother is adequate. Ashish Vidyarthi (ACP) and Lakshmi (his sister) have given able support.
The music director, young Sujit, has given 3 titling songs with good scoring. He is a promising musician.
Raghav handled the photography well with top angles and outdoor locations. There is good entertainment in the film.


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