Justice Santhosh Hegde, may have an after thought over his resignation

9:26 PM, Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Bangalore : The resignation of Lokayukta Justice N. Santhosh Hegde was so sudden as it was devastating. It sent shivers through the back of 4 BJP ministers and the ever – smiling CM as well.
The BJP state chief, himself a minister under Yeddyurappa earlier, spoke in support of the Lokayukta and admitted that his party made several mistakes which forced the hands of Santhosh to put in his papers to the Govt. that had appointed him. Whereas he had been made fun of even by the previous Lokayukta who had caught big fish in his stronger nets for a full term of 3 years, asking every bribe – taken who made illcit wealth, “oh son, where did you all this wealth and how?”, but Justice Venkatachala had not succeeded in the end. The corrupt officers were back in their posts after some time, courtesy the corrupt ministers who guided them into submission. Hedge was going to the same way so he resigned in a manner that created red faces every where. Nobody wanted Hegde to resign when there as an year more to work and no one expected him to resign on a date yet to come, on Aug. 31 by which time things could hot up and BJP may crumble and contract in shame. The  Budget sesson is just witnessing, that drama on the opposition benches which are in revolt against BJP and demands the head of CM Yeddyurappa who expressed joy over Hegde’s letter of resignation given to a surprised and a sad governor at Raj Bhavan. The Governor could dismiss the BJP govt. for its crimes. But Yeddyurappa has turned the tables against Hegde recalling Ramakrishna Hegde’s regime two decades ago. However, the CM made amends in the legislature with a statement that brought smiles to the face of Lokayukta. There is a period of about 60 days still to ponder ever good governance and feel sorry for saing good-bye to N. Santhosh Hegde, who may stay on if all goes well by 31-08-2010 CM has offered to resign if the cannot stop the mining loot.

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