K Ravindra Shetty Ulidottu releases ‘Kanan Nilike Tuvodu Appe Durga Devin’ song

11:51 PM, Thursday, October 14th, 2021

Thoudugoli-SongMangaluru : On the occasion of Vijay Dashami, the opportunity to release a song of Sri Durga Devi has been given to me is my luck said, Chairman of Karnataka State Nomadic and Semi Nomadic Corporation, K Ravindra Shetty Ulidottu.

He has released a Tulu language song called ‘Kanna Nilike Tuvodu Appe Durga Devin’ sung by Santhosh Pucher under Meg Media Entertainments in Shivaprasad Thoudugoli Literature, come out good making he said.

Kishor Nayak Vorkady, Agriculturist Somnath Karanth spoke on the occasion. Govind Guru Swamy was present.

The song was recorded at the Pudcher tab studio at Moodabidre and sung by Santosh Puchcher. The song was compiled by Mega Media, produced by Mega Media Entertainments Shivaprasad Thoudugoli and Saritha Shivaprasad.

The song available on Mega Media News’ YouTube channel on October 14 at 7.45pm.

Use this link to listen to the song of Kanna Nilike Tuvodu Appe Durga DevinMega Media News YouTube




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