Karavali Karanataka Janabhivriddhi accused MLA to support SEZ

9:33 PM, Tuesday, January 25th, 2011
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SEZ-PressMangalore : The SEZ has always assured people to provide job and not fulfilled any of its promise so far, said Natesh Ullal, spokesperson of Karavali Karnataka Janabhivriddhi Vedike.
Speaking at the press meet held at Hotel Woodlands Hotel Hall on Jan 25, Tuesday, he said that the similar situation was occurred at Thokur in the year 2004, when the people had lost their land, in the issue of help gas, but even then the people were cheated by giving the false assurance of providing job.
He also said that, the matter of land acquisition by SEZ was even discussed with the then DC V Ponnuraj, but then he replied that, he could not do anything since; it was given to the private companies.
He also accused that, Dr V S Acharya, and MLA and Deputy Speaker N Yogesh Bhat had rendered their main support to the SEZ officials, who also convinced the poor people to encourage establishing industries and getting job opportunities. If they say that both MLA N Yogesh Bhat and Dr V S Acharya, say that, they supported SEZ due to the assurance given by them, then they has to suspend AG Pai and IASN Prasad, from the job, he added.
He said that, again in future at least they must stop this kind harassment done to the people. Now the MLA and Dr V S Acharya must give the specification of job opportunity as assured by the MSEZ officials.
Madhukar Amin, spokesperson of the Vedike, said that the SEZ has only given job for 250 men and 28 and women and they are not sure of the job opportunity they can provide but give false assurance, he added. He said that, we are ready for any open discussion and will not participate in close door meeting and also criticized that, all MLA is not ready to participate in any discussions.
The members of Vedike like T R Bhat and Vidya Dinkar were present.


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