Karnataka treading fast towards development due to double engine governments

10:08 PM, Thursday, January 19th, 2023


Yadgir : Prime Minister Narendra Modi complimented Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai & his team for the progress in all the departments, and said the double engine governmenta are striving for the implementation of the irrigation projects.

He spoke a few words in Kannada after launching various development projects here on Thursday and gave full marks to the CM and the working style of the state government

Modi began his speech with “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” and said he was indebted to the love and affection showered by the people who were standing under the sun and also near the helipad to welcome him. “My big pranams to the people who have come here to bless me”.

Modi said Yadgir has a rich history and the old fort of Rattehalli is the indicator of the strength of their forefathers. Yadgir has the rich culture and heritage. Through able leadership, Venkatappa Nayaka of Surpur grabbed the attention of the whole country. All of them are proud about it. “Today, I have launched thousands of crores worth irrigation and the longest road network in Yadgir. The modernisation and extension of Narayanpur Left Bank will directly benefit lakhs of farmers of Yadgir, Kalburagi and Vijayapura. The multi-village drinking water scheme will provide potable water to lakhs of people.

Our aim is vikas of next 25 years
The PM said a part of Surat-Chennai Economic Corridor falls in Karnataka also, and this work has started from today. This will improve the quality of life of people of Yadgir, Raichur and Kalburagi, and provide employment. It will also help in the speedy development of North Karnataka region. At the 75th year of India’s freedom, the country is progressing with the vision of development in the next 25 years. The need of the hour is to build a developed India and it will become a reality if every family and every state participate in this campaign.

Vote bank politics of Congress Party

Modi said they have learnt from the wrong political policies and decisions, and they have the example of Yadgir and North Karnataka before their eyes. This capacity ofnthis region is no less but has remained backward in development. Tye previous government ls declared several districts including Yadgir as Backward and key quiet. Will that being down poverty? They played vote bank politics at the time of giving electricity, irrigation and roads. “Our government is trying to remove the tag of backward from these districts. Vikas is our aim as the country will not develop if any district is backward. For this reason, they have started a program called ‘Akansha jilla’ of 100 districts which includes Yadgir.

One hundred percent children vaccination haa been done in Yadgir and the number of deaths due to malnutrition has declined. Every village has road connectivity and Yadgir stands one among ten in the list of Akansha Jillas. The border security and coastal security is important for the country to progress. The double engine governments are working for the welfare of people.

He said all the pending projects are completed and the river linking work is also on. The Narayanpur Left Bank Canal work had been done with the modern technology and itnwill irrigate 4.5 lakh hectares of land. Now, the scheme, Per Drop, more drop is in progress and impetus is given for the micro-irrigation project. In the last seven to eight years, 70 lakh hectare of land has been brought under this scheme.

Modi said Yadgir is a granary of tur and it is exported all over the country. The government has purchased 80 per cent of tur under MSP . There are more number of small agriculturists in the country and the government is supporting the technology-based agriculture practice. Along with this, even traditional farming is also supported. Kisan cards are distributed to all.

Bowing to pressure from India, the United Nations has declared this year as the year of millet and ragi and jawar grown in Karnataka are famous. The double engine governments are committed to campaigning about the Millets in international level. It will benefit the farmers of North Karnataka.

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