Karthik planned to kill Akshatha well in advance

5:30 PM, Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

karthikSullia: In a shocking revelation, Karthik who stabbed Akshatha on Tuesday revealed his plans of killing her from past few days.

During interrogation, Karthik revealed that he was plotting plans to kill her and has purchased a knife from a store, sharpened it and entered the college. However, since his plans dint work out he followed her and kept a watch on her during the day.

Karthik also revealed that, he was forcing Akshatha to accept his love and had sent over 200 watsapp messages expressing his feelings towards her. He had also threatened to kill her if she rejects his proposal. However, Akshata neither paid heed to his one-way love nor took his warning seriously.

It has been learnt that, Akshata had warned Karthik of bringing this issue to the notice of lecturers in the college and also her family. For this very reason Karthik took her life. This was revealed by Karthik himself during the police interrogation.

Post-mortem of Akshata’s body was conducted in Sullia government hospital.

Karthik has been remanded to judicial custody.

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