Karthik trains 85000 women under ‘Swaraksha for Women’ campaign

10:56 AM, Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

KarthikShettyMangaluru: The self defence technique ‘Swaraksha for women’ taught by martial arts guru Karthik Kateel, which was launched on August 8, 2014 has reached 85000 women of 328 institutions.

In a formal programme which was held at Besant Women College, Mangaluru Kartik Kateel demonstrated the various self defence techniques to the students for 75 minutes.

Speaking on the occasion Principal of the college Dr Satish Kumar said that self defence is the first priority of women. Rape has become a most common crime in the society.

“Women also suffer from assaults. Women have to fight back for their rights. Self defence techniques will help the woman to protect herself from the inevitable incidents and to fight back with confidence,” he said.

KarthikShettyDuring the training of self defence Karthik said that eyes, nose and neck are the most sensitive part of human body. Self defence techniques are easy to learn and execute during dangerous situations.

“To defend yourself you need not to kick or hit hardly, you just need to find the sensitive and weaker part of the body. If you succeeded in that then you can escape from any threats,” he added.

College Correspondent Devannda Pai, BWC Union Advisor Syed Khader and others were present.



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