Kasaragod MLA NA Nellikunnu and Manjeswaram MLA MC Kamrudheen under coronavirus self test

9:12 PM, Friday, March 20th, 2020

Kasaragod CoronaKasaragod : After attendinga a marriage function Kasaragod MLA NA Nellikunnu and Manjeswaram MLA MC Kamrudheen, both belonging to the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML), are on self quarantine after they came in contact with a person affected with coronavirus.

The person, who has since tested positive for the virus SARS-CoV-2 has also participated in a marriage function which was held on 14 March.

On Thursday, the Kerala government had confirmed that one more person, who had returned from Dubai to Kasaragod district, has contracted the virus.

Speaking to the media over the phone on Friday, MC Kamrudheen said that he had met the person and had taken a photo with him. “I had met him and we had taken a photo together. So I have decided to quarantine myself. This person stopped my vehicle on the road and requested for a photo,” he said.

Stating that the individual had stepped out of home quarantine after giving his samples for testing, Kamrudheen appealed to residents to avoid making the same mistake and infecting others. “People should remain at home until their tests return negative. This person has attended a wedding and more contacts have to be traced. He had sent his samples for testing after he reached home on March 11, but went out of the house. It is a huge flaw on his part,” MLA Kamrudheen said, adding that he is going into isolation, and hoped that it will be a model for others.

Kamrudheen also said that the person attended a wedding, where many others will also have to be under isolation.

MLA NA Nellikunnu told the media over the phone that he met the same coronavirus patient at a wedding.

“This person is a social and political worker in Kasaragod. We knew each other earlier. He invited me for one of his relative’s weddings, which took place last Saturday. The wedding was not crowded, only very few people were there. This person was there. He is a regular visitor to Dubai, ” NA Nellikunnu told the media.

Kasaragod District Collector Sajith Babu told the media on Friday morning that anyone who returned from abroad after February 20 should report to a nearby Public Health Centers.

He added that people from Naif, a locality near Deira in Dubai and Umrah returnees should report to the health centres at the earliest as an emergency.

“As far as we know the recently affected person was in contact with many, so we request people’s cooperation,” the Collector said.

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