Khap Panchayat issues ban order on Ladies’ Jeans

10:21 PM, Monday, January 17th, 2011
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indian-girlDelhi/UP: The body-tight jeans and other such dresses worn by young ladies are harmful to them in society, provoking youths to tease them, said a Khap (Rajasthani) Panchayat banning such tight fitting clothes for girls, who even visit temples in them.
Cases of elopement, teasing of females, sexual harassment, and quarrels at home have increased. Khap (communal) Panchayat has frowned upon such dresses unfriendly to young girls in society.
Baba Suraj of a UP Khap Panchayat in rural Bensaval, near Mujaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, has issued the prohibitory order. A five member women’s committee has been formed to identify girls wearing tight dresses. All houses are instructed to reject Jeans for girls.
The Khap Panchayaths are well known for honour-killing and now jeans provoke them. The girls are asked not to hold mobile phones in public and give up loose conduct on phones.


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