Killer Killed in 24 hours: Manikantha and Hemanth meet same fate

5:00 PM, Monday, February 6th, 2012

Manikanth MurderMangalore: Was it a revenge killing, swifting done in 24 hours apparently the death of Hemanth (20) stabbed and thrown in to a thorny bush near Janthabettu, outside port city, suggests nothing else.

The murdered youth (Hemanth) was prime accused in a murder case, of Manikantha (or Mani) who was also stabbed to death by a criminal group on Sunday (February 5) during early hours, following a clash at a Nemostsava (spirit worship) in MRPL Colony at chelyaru, near Suratkal.

The Suratkal police had taken 8 person into custody by Sunday (February 5) afternoon, but could not find Hemanth, known to be the main accused.

Though he evaded police arrest, the goondas ware after him. His murder came to light on Monday (February 6) morning, when local police were informed by local residents. There were stab injuries on the neck, chest and stomach of Hemanth’s dead body.

Father investigation is on as 4 persons including a relative of Mani, are suspected to have taken revenge on Hemanth, held responsible for Mani’s violent death, just on Sunday, at dawn.

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