Konkan Railway tracks under Monsoon repairs.

10:09 PM, Tuesday, July 27th, 2010
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Mumbai : Railway tracks near Nivsar station in Ratnagiri ( S.Maharastra) are under repairs since four days due to hill collapse, forcing Matsyagandha Express to take leave for nearly a week now.
Ratnagiri, famous for mango orchards, is facing heavy rains, with hill collapses and mudfall on to the tracks in Adivali near Nivsar. At Lanja, the mud and rock stones spread under the tracks were washed away by torrential rains, forcing more stones to be used under the tracks to keep them stable.
Mangalore – Kurla (Mumbai) and reverse trains were not running since July 26, Netravathi Rajkot express passengers were being taken by bus near Adivali to connect to Mumbai. Mangala Express (Kerala – Karnataka to Nizamuddin) and Rajdhani express trains were diverted at Madgaon (Goa) to Londa & Pune to Mumbai but with reduced speeds during journey.
Konkan Railway information is further available on 022-10722, according to a Railway press note.


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