Kottara Chowki residents repair thier road

8:42 AM, Monday, August 29th, 2011

Kottara ResidentsMangalore : Around 75 residents of Malemar in Kottara Chowki decided to repair the road themselves under the leadership of the Jana Hitharakshana Samithi on August 28, Sunday.

Earlier Samithi had submitted an appeal to Shashidhar Hegde, the corporator of the 17th ward; Shankar Bhat, the corporator of the 23rd ward; as well as the DC, the mayor, and the commissioner, ion regard to repair of road between the highway and Konchady.

Since there was no response from these, the residents got together to fill the potholes with the help of an earthmover provided by KUDCEMP.

Jana Hitharakshana Samithi president Kumar Malemar, said that Corporator Shashidhar Hegde had promised to concretize the roads soon, but nothing has been worked on. He warned that the Samithi that residents will picket the MCC if the demand is not fulfilled by Oct 15.

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