KRVP celebrates bicentenary birth anniversary of Louis Pasteur

7:31 PM, Friday, December 30th, 2022


Mangaluru : Karnataka Rajya Vijnana Parishath (KRVP) under the auspices of the Department of Science and Technology, Government of Karnataka, Karnataka Science and Technology Promotion Society (KSTePS) has organized a special lecture on the occasion of the bicentenary of Louis Pasteur, recently.

In his lecture, resource person, Mangalore University Department of Biology Professor Dr. Prashantha Naik said that Louis Pasteur, one of the great scientists, contributed to various fields including microbiology, chemistry, medical science, physics, and crystallography, particularly the development of vaccines against rabies, anthrax and chicken cholera diseases are invaluable. “Many scientists believe that he should have received two Nobel Prizes, but he left this world on 28 September 1895, before the initiation of awarding the Nobel Prize”.

He continued research for the welfare of mankind till his last breath despite being paralyzed in one part of his body. Because of his painstaking research efforts, it has been possible to prevent millions of people around the world from succumbing to germs. Before the world knows about the existence of microbes, he discovered various effects of microbes including spoilage of food, wine and milk, fermentation, causing diseases, and development of vaccines against germs.

“His discoveries on various topics such as the development of vaccines against anthrax, rabies, chicken cholera, the concept of antiseptics, sterilization, preservation of milk and other beverages through pasteurization, etc. were remarkable. He was not only a great scientist but also a great artist. His paintings and portraits have been well preserved. Although Louis Pasteur hailed from France, the world remembers and respects him for his outstanding contribution to the field of science and the betterment of mankind.,” he added.

In India, ‘The Pasteur Institute of India’ has been functioning since 1907 at Coonoor in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu for research on vaccines mainly for the production of anti-rabies and DPT vaccine (Triple Antigen). In 1995, the Government of India issued a stamp with his portrait. Known as the father of microbiology, bacteriology and modern immunology, Louis Pasteur is considered one of the world’s greatest biologists of all time, he said.

KRVP Executive Committee Member Francis G. Benjamin, KRVP President Girish Kadlewada, Honorary Secretary Krishnegowda C and members were present on the occasion. Students from across Karnataka participated in this lecture organized in online mode.

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