KSRTC s strange offer of 30% discount on 4th journey

1:48 PM, Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

ksrtc_busBangalore: Take it or leave it, but Karnataka state Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) has offered 30% discount to travel by Govt. buses for its customers, but only on a 4th trip!

The peculiar scheme is Known as ‘Prayaanotsava’ (Travel Fest), whatever that means. It is not a free ride.

The discount materialises on 4th trip you make, and only “if the ticket booked earlier are not cancelled” by mischievous passengers.

If four tickets held by him are valid for travel, the commuter is still eligible for the state offer.

The discount of 30% will be valid only for a single ticket (booked) for the 4th time.

All these booking dates, with ifs and buts and the journey dates, have to fall on or before30th April, 2012.

The offer of 30% discount is valid like a carrot at the end of a stick for the asses that join the race, if all ticket carry the same passenger’s name, or if all tickets are booked from the same “e-ticket user ID”.

Then there is the final blow to it (the conch): all tickets must be bought by e-or m-booking.

The less literates are not in the bargain, that is.

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