Kundapur still hot on Blossom’s Kiss to Oscar.

10:13 PM, Monday, June 28th, 2010

Mangalore : Oscar Fernandes, a rising star in Congress party as AICC General Secretary, had completed a 6 year term as Rajya Sabha MP and was favoured by high command for another term, and accordingly, had easily come through unopposed for the second term, was hugged and kissed by his wife Blossom Fernandes after his election and photographers did not miss the chance to click the romantic scene. KPCC did not react on the amorous show of happiness.
But in Coondapoor (or Kundapur, if you like) the Congress workers felt shy over the close touch of a couple at the heat of the moment. Blossom had the habit of accompanying Oscar at every function, unlike even the Army wives who go with their husbands to special functions. Oscar has no objection if Blossom stands next to him in Delhi, Bangalore or Udupi. But the “clear” Congressmen in Coondapoor cannot sleep well since that day and are asking was “it” necessary in public to show affection and attachments. Perhaps, Oscar had no supporters in Bangalore, nor in Coondapoor, so Blossom obliged him, where Pratap Chandra Shetty failed to.

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