Last survivor Umar Farooq discharged from AJ hospital

10:41 AM, Wednesday, July 7th, 2010
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Mangalore : One of the luckiest eight survivors of Mangalore air crash, Umar Farooq was finally discharged from AJ Hospital & Research Centre on July 6, Tuesday.
Though Umar was the first to admit to the hospital, he was the last one to discharge from the same. The chairman and staff of the hospital organized a farewell to Umar who undergoing treatment for over 40 days.
Sharing his experience, Umar said that, he was praying god to bestow his blessings on all the air crash victims and as per God’s will only eight lucky person survived.
He also said that, the doctors and hospital staffs were successful in providing homely experience during his days in hospitals. The person named Shareef was one who helped him to reach to the town in his two wheelers and he finally reached hospital by auto.
Air India official Kuldeep Singh Kanha, was present on the occasion and assured Umar told bear all the medical expenses until he recovers completely.

AJ Shetty, Chairman of AJ Hospital & Research Centre, Dr Ramesh Pai and Dr. Dinesh Kadam were present on the occasion.


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