Lawyers boycott on Monday total 5000 absent in DK Dt from courts

4:15 PM, Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Bangalore Lawyers Bangalore: A boycott call, against court attendance by lawyers in general and legal service in the state in particular on Monday, March 5 given by the Advocates Association of only Bangalore, was responded by all lawyers in the state, who stayed away from courts for large-scale condemnation of their violent display in public last week when Gali J. Reddy was produced before a court in civil court complex in Bangalore.

The boycott call of advocates was a sequence to the “police excesses”, against some innocent lawyers for the actual mischief created by hooligans in borrowed black coats, some 100 of them on hire.

A DCP and half a dozen policemen were injured in the ugly senses of pelting stones by hired goondas five of them arrested and let on bail later on Monday.

There was a charge against JD-s, which is denied by Deva Gowda family to escape people’s wrath.

In an emergency meeting of KHC Bar members, K. N. Subha Reddy observed that the police failed to take timely action and ugly incidents prevailed with hired goondas wearing black coats like lawyers.

5000 lawyers stayed away from DK dt alone Monday, refusing to attend courts as usual.

The state media groups mounted their attacks on lawyers by holding several protest rallies as they were manhandled by rowdy lawyers earlier. 65 persons including 52 policemen, were injured in these fights.

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