Lohitaksha returns home from Saudi Arabian prison after one year

5:54 PM, Sunday, June 20th, 2010
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18.06.10 Mangalore : On June 17, Lohitaksha, a crane operator from Derebail Kanchady, who had served in Saudi Arabia for 15 years and got injured in the crane accident in 2009 for which he was imprisoned since then in an alien country, secured  his release and headed for India to his home on Wednesday. He had been fined Rs. 10 Lakhs in a court of Law on the compliant of his employer for negligence, demanding compensation (damages) for the loss suffered by him in that connection.
Following a clarion call for help and release, from Lohitaksha’s family members beleaguered by his sorry condition in jail, helpful organization such as Mangalore Association for Saudi Arabia (MASA) and sympathetic individuals contributed to the Penalty Fund and obtained his release on paying Rs. 10 Lakhs as fine to the SA court. The crane driver landed in Bajpe on Thursday, June 17 to be greeted by his daughter Ranjeeta.


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