Lokayukta’s Resignation Echo In Vidhana Soudha : Both Houses In Tussle For Half Day

6:56 PM, Wednesday, June 30th, 2010
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Bangalore : The Lokayuktha’s sudden resignation on the eve of the Budget session cast its shadow on both houses of legislature on Tuesday (June 29) to spoil half day’s activities in a procedural wrangle.
Replying to the opposition (congress) criticism in the lower house, CM Yeddyurappa explained his position by saying that he had not shown any disrespect towards the Lokayukta appointed by his own govt. but has fulfilled all his demands so far. He asked the opposition not to be adamant in their outlook, but to come to the table for discussions. He thought that a theft of 5 lakh tons of iron ore in the Belekeri Port godowns was not an ordinary affair. He asked congress leader Siddaramaiah not to be weak, but to take all matters into consideration. Earlier, opposition leader Siddaramaiah (who has been Dy CM in another ministry) flayed the state govt. for compelling the Lokayukta’s hands to put in his resignation. There was a procedural wrangle until the session was adjourned.


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