Lokayukta is happy with Crumbs thrown at him.

9:38 PM, Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Bangalore : The state Lokayukta who resigned recently and then retracted the letter from the Governor on LK Advani’s advice has expressed “happiness” over the crumbs thrown at him, by giving suo motu (on the spot) powers to take action against corrupt bureaucrats, but not against corrupt / criminal MLAs, ministers or the CM himself. He seems to have sided with BJP rule in an anti-climax to his protest, rebellion and quit notice by recapitulating everything he stood for and repudiating his services to the poor in Karnataka who did not elect or appoint him, but liked him as a bold person.
N. Santhosh Hegde has come under political pressure to save his seat and will have to regain his lost prestige while seizing illegal iron ore (5 lakh tone out of 8) that was stolen from the Dy. FRO premises in Belekeri, by crooked shippers who exported them for Rs.250 crores!
Something has definitely let down the former Judge of supreme court in scampering back to his seat in Bangalore, after politicians made a pilgrimage to his residence in Sadashivanagar. Karnad Sadashiv Rao would have denounced him for his 50% powers turn about, as he did not wait till August 1. leave alone August 31.
What is the change that has come over him and who bribed him by false promises of giving him every thing he wanted. Does he think now that the CM and the BJP govt are cooperating with him, or has he lost public faith in him? Let us wait till Aug 31, 2010 for further healthy developments if any, in Bangalore.

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