Lovely Mangalore has a dirty spot.

4:34 PM, Thursday, August 12th, 2010
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Mangalore : Talk of beautiful Mangalore port city, and land in a dirty Bus stand for that!. Many roads in the “second fastest-growing city in Karnataka” are getting concretized beginning with Hampankatta, KS Rao Road, A.B. Shetty Circle, Jyothi Circle, Kankanady, Bunt’s Hostel Kadri and even Shakthinagar, but have you walked on these roads after a10-minutes rain? The concretized roads on PVS Circle, M.G. Road and Urva, no doubt, are shining like BJP necklaces, under their Mayor. But come to Lady Goschen Hospital area and move around Bikarnakatta.

What do you feel, when your vehicles go out of control amid potholes and sudden jumps and oscillations? Ask the DC and MCC Commissioner, or the PWD engineers. The main traffic bus stand near Rao & Rao Circle is the dirtiest, smelly and ugly place in city, like Kalasipalyam in Bangalore. The approach road to service Bus stand has always remained like a ruffian, ugly and dangerous. There are 3 bus stands built here in recent years, to mock at the travellers.

MCC had announced a prize of Rs 1,000 to any school student who points out to garbage litters in the city, I forget the occasion. A lot of rubbish has gathered at the Hockey ground converted to this dirty private bus stand. Private bus owners do not complain to DC or administrators about pot-holes on roads that their drivers have to cross and re-cross daily several times to go to a destination and return between 6am and 10pm. But will they hire some coolies (wage labourers) to fill those holes with jelly stones and powder in Monsoon? No!- It is the duty of bus owners.

People hold their noses near the fish market and in all dirty areas littered with rubbish on this hockey ground all through the day. They wait for buses on the edge of the roads, rather than go into this “beauty” of a Bus stand, privately used. The bus stand is used by night business like drunkards / sexworkers. Vendors take rest there. Who said Mangalore is beautiful after rains? Monsoon cannot clear up Mangalore diseases.


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