Lucknow Verdict on Ayodhya: Cynosure of all eyes in India.

9:33 PM, Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

PM Manmohan SinghDelhi: Everybody is lauding the Supreme Court for bringing an end to the biting suspense over Lucknow Bench verdict on Ayodhya Title Deed case.
The judgment on the prolonged case is now re-set on 30th Sept at 3.30 pm and all eyes in India are concentrated on Lucknow bench verdict.
Judge Sharma of the 3 man Lucknow bench retires on October 1, Friday. Sept.30 and Oct.1 are declared holidays for schools and colleges in Karnataka. Public appeals have been made in print, by PM (from N. Delhi) and CM (from Bangalore) to maintain peace. The whole of Karnataka state is under Sn.144 on Sept.30.
The Hindu Muslim religious leaders have advocated peace and brotherhood in public. The Muslim flower-sellers’ 15 families at the Ayodhya (temporary) temple are unworried about the Lucknow verdict. The Judgment Day is eagerly looked forward to now by all.

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