Mangalore Air crash remembered ; memorial still not in sight

11:57 AM, Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Mangalore Air crashMangalore : Today, May 22, 2013,  it is exactly three years since the Air India Express flight from Dubai crashlanded at Kenjar near the Bajpe airport in Mangalore on May 22, 2010.

Three years on, memories of the worst ever tragedy continue to haunt the families of the deceased, while some are still continuing their fight for the justifiable compensation. Only eight were lucky to survive the tragedy.

The legal fight of some of the familes to get compensation as per the Montreal Convention is still underway in the Supreme Court.

HD Nanavati, Legal Counself of Air India,  the families of all the victims  have been provided compensation on full and final basis as per the Kerala HC judgement. As er reports Air India has paid Rs 1.15 billion as total compensation. Whatever pending case may be finalized  by November when the next hearing is slated.

According to Mohammed Beary, president of the Mangalore Air Crash Victims’ Families Association, while pointing out that some families have been justifiably compensated, added  that was however not the case with all the bereaved families.

The demand of the Association is that there should be a minimum payment of Rs7.5 million in respect of the death of each passenger as per the Montreal Convention. In the case of non-working women and children, the average compensation given was just Rs3.5 million and Rs2.5 million, respectively, he said.

Air India has also not kept up its promise of putting up a memorial of the crash victims. A marble plaque put up at the crash site soon after the tragedy, was also destroyed by some miscreant.

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