Mangaluru City police invoke Goonda Act against 2 notorious criminals

3:53 PM, Saturday, February 11th, 2017

Raheem Mangaluru: Mangaluru city police have invoked Goonda Act against to city based notorious criminals Rohidas alias Akashbhavan Sharan alias Sharan (32), and Raheem alias Chappe Tanni Raheem (37).

Akashbhavan Sharan is accused in 17 serious criminal offences including murder, rape, robbery and others. He is also a close ally of underworld criminal Vicky Shetty. Sharan has been arrested on February 10, this year and lodged in the district prison at Vijayapura of Karnataka.

Another criminal, Raheem was a drug seller who targeted students and youths in the city. He was acquitted in two cases out of eight criminal cases charged against him.

He was also arrested on February 10, 2017 and sent in Shivamogga district jail. Now, the police have invoked Goonda Act against the both as they are continuing with their criminal activities, even if they have been facing serious criminal charges.

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