Maudany and his madness:

6:40 PM, Thursday, August 19th, 2010
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Bangalore: As if Pakistan and Bangla Desh were not enough, Abdul Nasser Maudany of Anwarshery in Kerala was hoping to Muslimise India, the Karnataka Govt informed the High Court in an affidavit paper yesterday (Aug.18) while taking him in custody from Kerala and putting him in police care. He was responsible (like Karim Telgi) for fake notes in circulation to destabilize Indian economy (which is fourth in the world after USA, China, Japan), apart from conducting serial blasts in Bangalore, Coimbatore and other places as per his crooked plans, the govt argued.
The man pretended sickness when he was about to be arrested, whereas Kerala police and the CPI (M) govt. failed to punish him for his past mistakes and future unpatriotic goals. Maudany was a terrorist ready to surrender to the court and not to the neighbouring govt in Bangalore that wanted him as a perpetrator of clandestine violent activities. This PDP convener wanted to harm India with devastation and barbarism, it was explained.
The bull has been taken now by its horns by the Karnataka govt, for his cowardly violence in Bangalore. Maudany, on the other hand, had asked the High Court to cancel the FIR made by police with a charge sheet. The HC had turned to the BJP govt, to raise objections to Maudany’s request. Accepting the HC notice, Yeddyurappa govt, in Bangalore on Wednesday (Aug. 18) submitted its affidavit.
It was told that Maudany wanted a Taliban – like attack on India in the South to begin with. The aim was to have one more Muslim country in the Indian sub-continent. He conspired to conduct Bomb blasts in Bangalore through first accused T. Nazeer who exposed Maudany. The public prosecutor wanted a fast track court action for such conspiracies and treason against the nation.
The judgment was reserved by Judge Subhash Adi. It is stated that Maudany paid Nazeer 2,500 reals (Saudi currency) in Kodagu out of huge funds collected by him in Gulf countries.


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