MCC Commissioner inspects Nandigudda cremation grounds on Friday.

7:41 PM, Friday, July 9th, 2010
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Mangalore : Dr. Vijay Prakash, MCC Commissioner, led on official team to Nandigudda cremation grounds (Rudrabhoomi) on Friday around noon, for inspection of the facilities and problems facing people who bring dead bodies on their final journey.

Caretaker of the crematorium / cemetery areas, Anand explained the lack of certain minimum facilities and other such difficulties to the Commissioner, who went round the final resting place of Hindus and felt the urgency of cleaning the area every month and disinfect the place. Water had been leaking from the roof of the cremating area in Monsoon, and new Zinc sheets had to be fixed, as bodies remained half-burnt due to water leakage. A godown for drywood storage was the crying need. Water facilities were absent. A new tray and a new container for the bodies also were necessary, he realized. Mangalore had 7 burning grounds and Nandigudde with 7 acres of land was the biggest having burning and burial systems for the dead, but these are in a decadent state and used for 35 years now.

Mega Media met the Commissioner on the spot and discussed the immediate problems of those bring in the dead. There are no rooms for them to wait while funeral (burning or burying) takes place and no roof over the present rooms in rains. Not only cleaning up, providing electric connections (power) and water, dry wood supply, but planting trees to beautify the area and protect clean ecology, were also discussed. MM met local workers and contractors to verify the needs felt. The old graves had to be maintained well, said A.Bhaskar and Anand. E.Engineer Linge Gowda, Assistant Health officer chandrahas and corporators V. laxmi were in the MCC team.


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