MCC yet to give its nod for dry waste recycling units

1:17 PM, Friday, July 29th, 2016

MCC-waste Mangaluru: The proposal of opening units which recycles dry waste scientifically is yet to get nod from the Mangaluru City Corporation. Two, years ago, MCC and Canara Plastic Manufacturers and Traders Association (CPMTA) has jointly opened one such outlet at Kadri.

The centre, which is being run by the association, has been buying plastic bags, plastic bottles, old books, newspapers, and other waste items. The recycling is done at Baikampady. However, their plans to open more such waste collection centres at Kankanady, Jeppu, Mannagudde, Surathkal, Derebail, Old Bus Stand premises and other places is still a distant dream.

The outlet at Kadri was opened when Mahabala Marla was the mayor. The main objective was to give more emphasis on waste segregation. Residents should hand over wet waste to door to door waste collection workers and the dry waste can be sold at the collection points.

CPMTA president B A Nazeer told that the association has been running the plastic and dry waste collection centre at Kadri very successfully and is ready to open more such centres, if MCC offers support.

“We are buying waste from the residents by paying a better price. We are ready to open more centres in the city. However, it can be made possible only if the MCC provides space for us,” Nazeer said.

Meanwhile, MCC environment engineer Madhu S Manohar said, the task force of MCC will decide on opening more plastic and dry waste collection centres in the city. “We have plans to hand over the responsibility of collecting plastic and dry waste only through Antony Waste Handling Private Limited, which is now carrying out the door to door collection in the city. However, a final decision has not been taken yet. At present, they are collecting wet and dry waste together. We are discussing the possibilities of implementing segregation of waste at source and collect them separately,” he added.

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