Medical Education appointments: Minister to submit affidavit.

7:40 PM, Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Bangalore: Controversial appointments in Hassan and Mysore Medical College staff have led the Medical Education Minister (close to CM) Ramachandre Gowda to issue a fresh affidavit in High Court on his activities behind the screen.
Gowda’s private secretary Virupaksha is in trouble and has applied for bailment from an impending custody in the Hassan sessions Court on Tuesday (Sept.7)
The KHC had asked the Minster to submit his affidavit in the matter. Gowda is busy in preparing the affidavit with his lawyer’s help, to give full details.
The CM has cancelled the appointments made illegally, putting the concerned employees in jeopardy. Gowda cannot challenge his leader by saying that there was no illegality in the appointments earlier. He is in not waters.

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