Mining Department clashes with Lorry owners at DCO.

10:27 PM, Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Mangalore : Mining is done in iron ore, manganese and presently, even in sand from riverbeds or sea shores illegally by certain mine owners, transport owners who carry the materials to ports or to other states for exports or building use, and the mining / geology department of the state is watchful to seize the materials, as mining is banned.
Unlawful sand mining is prohibited and invites cancellation of permits of such miners and the lorry transport / carriers. The punishment is even extended to families of the miners and transporters, as declared by DC in DK district, in a press meet after a meeting with Mines officials and lorry owners on Tuesday. Illegal miners & transporters are
black – listed.
In the meeting, there were sharp and divided opinions expressed on illegal sand mining by a Mafia of builders. The fumes of animosity between mines officials and public carrier agents led to fire at the discussions with DC. Lorry owner Mayur Ullal pointed out that some persons without valid permits were transporting local sand to Kerala for construction purposes.
ADC Prabhakar Sharma demanded how it could happen. Mayur, Lorry owners Association chief, pointed to Ravindra Raj of Mines & Geology deptt for the answer. Presently, the permit for sand transportation is given only for 48 hours, but the lorry owners asked for 72 hours which was decreed. Ravindra Raj objected to this extension, quoting losses in revenue to the state. However, Lorry owners have agreed to Global PS attachment to all legally permitted carriers.

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