Minister for energy inaugurates KV Station at Kudroli and Nandigudda

7:09 PM, Wednesday, January 26th, 2011
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KV Station at Kudroli inaugurated Mangalore : Karnataka energy minister Shobha Karandlaje said that, providing the high quality power supply and giving it for long time in Mangalore was the main aim of BJP Government.
Speaking after inaugurating the stage programme held at Hotel Woodlands Hall on Jan 26, Wednesday as a part of establishing 33/11 KV electricity sub centers at Kudroli and Nandigudde, she said that Mangalore did not get any new KV centre after 1996 and any centre not established to carry the load.
She also said that, the State government has sanction and established two power transformers of 5 MVA capacity and one at Nandigudde and started today, which comes under the limits of Mangalore City Corporation and in two months other centre will be established at Attavar.
KV Station at Kudroli inaugurated These days it was unable to provide the centers due to the voltage problem and now there was a necessary to have due to the load shedding problem. After BJP government came into power four more Centers established with the effort of CM B S Yeddyurappa, she said.
Mangalore has large number of industries, houses and population and it is increasing every day, hence electricity has become the basic necessity like air and water.
Speaking on her visit to Raichur, she said that, they had discussed the matter with farmers and others and asked the suggestion from them so that Government can work on their suggestion and solve the problem. At present, the government is providing 1500 Mega Watt electricity. Before December we used to spend all water from dam and reservoir would get evaporated. Hence from January to May end, maximum water is being given to produce electricity. The government encourage the workers who produce electricity.
KV Station at Kudroli inaugurated The KV Station work in Bejai and Jeppu is also in a state of progress. The mdern technology has been implemented to install the KV station in a single pole.
Deputy Speaker N Yogesh Bhat, District incharge minister Krishna J Palemar, N Nagaraj Shetty, chairman Coastal Development Authority, Mayor Rajani Dugganna, Deputy Mayor Rajendra Kumar and others were present.


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