Missing 14-year-old girl traced in Goa

12:11 PM, Thursday, October 20th, 2022

Mangaluru : The 14-year-old missing girl, Bhargavi, from Bengaluru was found in Goa and is with the Panaji police at present, according to Mangaluru city south MLA D Vedavyas Kamath.

The girl, a resident of Mahalaxmi Layout in Bengaluru had gone missing since 4.30 pm on Monday. She had reached the KSRTC bus terminus in Mangaluru at 3 am on Monday and had later travelled in an auto to Mukka. She had also reportedly told the autorickshaw driver that she had to go to an aunt’s place. However her whereabouts were later not known.

Now, it has been learnt that she has been traced in Goa.

The girl was reported missing on October 17. The MLA posted on his Facebook page: “Such a relief. As per CC TV footage she has spoken to many people even with rickshaw drivers at 3.00 am at KSRTC bus stand. I request the public to cross verify and enquire why a single young girl/boy is travelling at that point of time.

Let this be a social responsibility. Any point of time it is our responsibility to check why a child is roaming around without any guardians. Complain on 112 if you find or doubt such things.I can’t even imagine what that child’s parents were going through. But the ending has been a relief. Thanks to each and everyone who shared the matter”.

Sources said it is suspected that the girl had scored poor marks in the exam, so she left home.

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