Mobile “phone talk” on roads must be stopped to avoid accidents.

5:37 PM, Wednesday, September 15th, 2010
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Mangalore: The mobile phone in hand is a revolutionary twist given to many young lives, and hot seat of accidents, when you care none and keep on talking while crossing a railway line, or a busy street, or in school / college premises, or while driving a vehicles.
People die unnecessarily in hundreds, while talking on a mobile phone on a road or while walking, crossing a rail track, or a city road as if they matter, and not the road or railway or the college or the vehicle driven, while talking so.
A girl died on the rail track, shattered by a speeding train with the broken mobile phone in hand. Similar accidents have taken place on roads where you cannot suddenly stop and erode a vehicle, or cry for help, before the fatality (dash) happens.
City drivers of bus or car, or other vehicles are forbidden, not only not to drink (while driving) but also, not to talk on phones while driving their vehicles. The mobile phone users have to overcome the pressure created by advertisements made by the eager producers of such phones.
The young women talk too much on such mobile phones these days, causing inconvenience to fellow travellers, or passers by. They should exercise self-control, against going easy and spending more on calls, and indulge in “miss-calls”.
This phone is a two-edged sharp knife that can drive you mad, and lose sleep at night. It is harmful to home peace and all public harmony. It has to used rather sparingly, and for less than 30 minutes at a time, as per scientific findings. Beyond that, brain and ears will, be affected and cancer may haunt the person (young and Old).
A vehicles rider is expected to stop his vehicle when he gets the ‘tone’, or the ‘beep’ in the phone, and talk on the side of the road without emotion, and resume his journey after his talk.
He will pay a heavy fine, if he is caught by police, while talking, and riding at the same time. Switch off the phone from anxious troubles one caller, when you are on the busy road, or in a gathering, or in a quiet temple or school, where it is forbidden.


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