Moily demands CBI probe into Church attacks

6:19 PM, Saturday, January 29th, 2011
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Veerappa MoilyBangalore: The Law and Justice Minister at the Centre on his regular visit to the home state and his constituency today demanded a CBI enquiry into the truth about attacks on churches in 2008. He asked the BJP government to arrange for such an enquiry, as the Somashekhar Commission could not trace out miscreants who vandalized Christian shrines in the state in recent years.
Moily pointed out that the Somashekhar enquiry Commission had failed to name the culprit organisations that attacked church properties. He felt truth could not be suppressed for long. A thief is only a thief, and no one can hide him, or bury the facts relating to a case. The state govt., did not make a sincere effort, Moily ruled. There were contradiction between the interim and final reports of the commission, and the two had to be read together, he pointed out. The interim report was submitted in Feb.2010, an year ago, and the final report could name the evil doors, he criticised. Accusing the BJP rulers hijacking the Somashekhar Commission for their own benefit, Moily stated that the interests of a religious Christian minority in the state were not protected by BJP govt.
Answering a question, Moily said that certain fundamentalists in the guise of being Hindus had indulged violent attacks, but all Hindus were not communal.


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