Mother and Child in a flat locked, and saved by neighbors at Alake Apartments

12:16 PM, Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Alake Apartments Mangalore : In Curious incidents of sorts, a chilled locked her mother inside the bath room when the mother was taking her bath and the front door of the flat also had been locked with too inside the flat, there was no way the mother could come out of the bathroom after the bath as usual.

She cried for help trough the ventilator, and the cry was heard by the neighbors who rushed to her help but found that the front door was locked and they could not entire the flat to rescue her.

The flat in question was called Matrix West Wing Apartments at Alake in Mangalore. The Fire Brigade when contacted by the neighbors came over to the place and were almost ready to break open the door in front.

Alake Apartments Luckily, the flat owner had been called earlier and the neighbors brought the duplicate key from him and opened the front door. Then they went in and removed the latch of the bath room so that the lady of the house, Malathi could open the bath room door from inside and come out.

Thus what could have been a tragedy on Monday day time was averted and their were smiles all over, as both the mother and her baby of 2years were saved. The scissors in the hands of the child at play was duly taken away.

The fire brigade men also had a laugh and went back to their post.


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