MRPL’s statement of losing 600 crore is false: Patrao

9:12 PM, Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Mangalore : The Mangalore Refinery Petroleum LTD has to reveal the public about all the statistical information with respect to the loss incurred by the company said Gregory Patrao

Speaking at the press meet held at Hotel Woodland on Wednesday, July 21, he said that the statement MRPL it stated that they have incurred a loss of Rs 600 crore owing to a dispute with Gregory patrao. Talking about the phase three development project is expected to increase MRPL’s refining capacity by an extra 3 million tons per annum with a total cost of Rs. 15,000 crore and is expected to complete by Oct 2011, Gregory said there is a possibility of mismanagement at the time of rendering contract and at the time of  work. Nearly Rs 600 crore is being disappeared due to this. Now the MRPL trying to push up the matter saying the loss was incurred by him, he said.

Gregory said that the matter of loss, was not in the picture till now. The officers of MRPL did not mention about the loss with divisional commissioner, who was in the city for investigating Gregory Patrao’s case, he added.
Every farmer has the interest of National development. So the farmers cultivate the food grains for human growth. My family has contributed nearly 5.54 acres of land for the expansion of Konkan railway and MRPL. But the persons who advised me to bestow the land for national development did not contribute to the development of nation.
He also urged the president of ONGC to take a strict action against the officers of MRPL who gave wrong information, on the occasion.
Hemalatha Bhat, vice president of Krishi Samrakshana Committee and Madhukar Amin were present at the press meet.

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