Mumbai Malayali Billavas celebrated ‘Thiya Day’

7:59 PM, Saturday, July 10th, 2010
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Mumbai : On July 4, at Bhandup in Mumbai (West), at the Jainam Auditorium, over 500 Malayali Billavas (Thiyas) gathered together to observe and celebrates the first ‘Thiya Day’ in history, under the auspices of Thiya welfare Association.

The office bearers and guest came together to light the traditional lamp to conduct the programme. Dy, chairman of the TWA, Roopesh Rao welcomed the elite gathering was a proof of Thiya unity and the function is its complementary expression. He explained in detail the proposed objectives and projects on hand, such as constructing a Thiya Bhawan, Credit Society, OBC certificate from the govt in recognition, student scholarships Fund and distribution, among other aims. A successful and popular entrepreneur Krishna N.Uchil was present to present his best wishes to the Association. TWA chairman and industrialist Anand Shankar Rao was on the dais with distinguished guests.

Dr. Karunakar Bangera, Dr. Vishwanath Karnad, Dr. Hemalkatha (the first lady doctor among Thiyas) were present as guests. Dr Hemlatha, practising in Mumbai, also spoke in appreciation of helding a “Thiya Day” on July 10, today (Saturday).

Chandrahas Palan, president of Sasihitlu Sri Bhagawathi Thiya Sangha of TWA which represents all Thiyas in the city. He praised the TWA for uniting hundreds of local Thiyas in its fold in a very short time, he informed the members.
The organizer for ladies in the Thiya community, Ms. Sita Salian, was present on the dais and requested all the Thiya brethren to join hands in activating social welfare work relating to the people at large among Thiyas. Editor of “Kadala Shristi” periodical, B. Sanjiva Koppala, came from the coastal Karnataka to participate as a special invitee and read out his poem on “Thiyas Day” and wished them well.
Social worker Rohit Suvarna explained the way to obtain an OBC certificate for the Thiya community. Jalajakshi Bengre of Vasai Divine park spoke on Swami Vivekananda. Students present on the occasion were presented with talent prizes, in cash form and bouquets.
TWA Vice-presidents Kamalesh Bolar, Gopal Salian, B.M. Umesh and Roopesh Rao were honoured on the occasion. Well known social worker R.K. Suvarna, and popular artiste Ms. Chandravathi Vasant were sincerely welcomed and honoured.
Joint editor of ‘Thiya Samachar’ and social worker Thimmappa Bangera, Krishnappa Billava, former chief of Thiya Samaj (Mumbai) B.C. Karkera, Ma Bhawani Sunder and Harish Belchada among others were also honoured on the dais.
The entire proceedings were ably covered by young lawyer Vicky Bolar, and “Thiya samachar” news bulletin editor Ishwar M. Aila in a lively manner and neatly.
TWA women members and children performed cultural entertainment and dance programmes. Ms. Chandravathi Vasanth, a seasoned artiste of Thiya Samaj directed the offerings, there were songs, music and mimicry items, besides Hindi songs, Tulu, Kannada songs, sang by Padmanabha Sasihitlu.


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