Nanavati explains the legal rules in distribution of compensations

3:04 PM, Wednesday, September 15th, 2010
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Mangalore : H. D. Nanavati , Chief of Mulla and Mulla said that decisions regarding the distribution of compensations are being taken according to the law.
Speaking at the press mett held at Hotel Ocean Peral, he said that the Air India and its representatives understand the grief of the victims’ families, but they are unable to compensate them according to their demands since it is against an international law.
Mr. Nanavati said that, the amount of compensation must be calculated according to the loss basis bared by the family with proof, according to the Montreal Convention. This means that the family will be given the same financial position which the victims would get, if they were not died in the crash.
He also said that, the claimants have mistaken that the amount of Rs. 76,00,000, which the Montreal Convention mentions, do not represent a minimum liability. It also states that, it does not represent an amount that should be equally compensated to all the claimants without any division.
The legal firm is not violating any international law in the distribution of compensations among the victims. The AI is giving the compensation for loss of livelihood and not for the loss of life.


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