Opposition MLAs spend a night in the Assembly Hall in Bangalore: Want a CBI probe on illegal mining.

5:26 PM, Tuesday, July 13th, 2010
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Bangalore : A 24-hour fast was conducted by some Congress and JD(S) MLAs inside the Assembly by spending a night in the legislature hall when speaker K.G. Bopiah had adjourned the house after repeatedly trying to bring the lower house to order. The protestant MLAs of 2 parties threatened to continue their forceful demonstration (Satyagraha) until a CBI probe was ordered by the BJP govt on the illegal mining history of the state in Bellary and other districts for wrongful exports through 4 or 5 ports to make ready money in crores for the shippers. While Tuesday’s session was a flop, the show of arms may be continued in the Assembly even on Wednesday, July 14 by irate MLAs who have defied the speaker. Siddaramaiah, leader of Congress opposition, has declared that the Dharna inside the legislature would continue until their demand on mining was met fully. He called for a thorough CBI investigation  in to the rampant iron ore mining done in Bellary, a demand that was not conceded by the ruling BJP on Tuesday. Revanna (JD-S leader) supported him. Latter CM in his reply, exposed both Congress and JD-S rulers from 2004 till 2009.

Siddaramaiah has planned a 300 Km walk (Paadayatra) from Bangalore to Bellary even in his unsafe conditions of threats coming from Bellary Ministers and their gangsters. He said he would take on the mining land lords, in their dens. Bellary was a Congress fort till 2004, but the Reddy brothers had changed the scene and made money. The illegal mining had spread into Andhra region and the mine-owners were defying Lokayukta too, he told newsmen on Tuesday.
The CM (a BJP leader) has rejected Congress demand of CBI probe through Central govt good offices, but offered to conduct the same probe by state Lokayukta, N. Santosh Hegde, but only from 2003 when the Congress party was in power. This stand has irked the opposition protestors. It is stated that during 2003-2010 in 8 years, at least 30 million tons of iron ore was illegally mined and exported to raise black money. Congress and JD-S together put the value of illegal mining at Rs. 60,000 crores, which is a loss to the govt in many ways. Congress and JD-S are hiding their ugly faces in the name of  Dharna.
The indefinite Dharna, started on Monday, July 12 will continue inside the legislature Hall by turns, even at night. Due to the hiatus in solving the issues, JD-S and Congress have moved away from BJP in this session. The opposition MLAs wear helmets to save their heads from BJP strongmen who could rain blows on them in an angry and impatient melee. The Assembly had already plunged into chaos, when speaker adjourned the House twice on Monday. Tuesday weather is no better in the Assembly Hall. Law Minister Suresh Kumar is on his knees.
The house assembled at 11Am on Tuesday.


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