Opposition party is stealing every moment to defame Govt: Dhananjay Kumar

4:29 PM, Sunday, October 24th, 2010

Dananjaya KumarMangalore : Dhananjay Kumar, BJP leader at a press conference held at Circuit House on Saturday October 23, condemned the mockery of democracy by the opposition parties in the state and blames them to be involved in unconstitutional political games.

Dananjaya Kumar
He said that people had opted BJP government with majority votes to rule the government for a period of five years. But the opposition parties had started opposing their right from its initial days by creating problems in the minds of people.
Speaking on the recent issues in the assembly, he said that, the governor had created problem but all went right, when the government proved its majority in the lower house.

Dananjaya Kumar
He criticized Kumaraswamy for giving a public statement in the media saying that he had tried to hijack BJP MLAs. He urged the opposition ministers to fight with the reason and constitutional manner.
He also said that he has received information, where the opposition parties’ approached the central government to conduct income tax raid operations in the state to defame the government and the ministers.
Mayor Rajani Dugganna, Deputy mayor Rajendra Kumar, Srikar Prabhu and others were present.

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