P V Aithal Yakshagana Troupe staged ’Mahisha Mardhini’ in english

10:23 PM, Wednesday, July 7th, 2010
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Mangalore : P V Aithal English Yakshagana Troupe enthralled the Yakshagana lovers with its latest Yakshagana—’Mahisha Mardhini’ in english at the Town Hall here on July 7.
The english  Yakshagana—’Mahisha Mardhini’ is staged for the first time by the troupe, which is scripted by P Santhosh Aithal, who is an advocate and son of late P V Aithal. The troupe has so far presented ‘Brahma Kapala,’ ‘Daksha Dwara,’ ‘Girija Kalyana,’ ‘Sri Krishna Parijatha,’ ‘Narakasura Moksha,’ ‘Sairendri Keechaka’ and ‘Akshayambara’ in English.

P Santhosh Aithal, in his introdcutory address, said that his interst in writing scripts for english yakshagana developed from his late father.
Pointing out the english version of yakshagana he said that, at the initial stage people may not understand the the conversation, but later after four to five songs, it will be easy to grasp.

The troupe has performed in cultural festivals at Mumbai, Chennai, Tiruchi, Nagapur, Bangalore, and other places on invitation from organisers, he said.
Delivering the benedictory speech on the occasion, Pejavar Mutt seer Vishveshatheertha Swamiji, said that Yakshagana is a mirror where it reflects a person.

Yakshagana is a art form, where it teaches indian cultutre and tradition among children and is working for its welfare. The yakshagana and indian culture has a special relation where both support each other to define one another, he said.

One may do not know kannada or othr language so this si an attempt to preach indian culture through the worldy known language that is english.  Any art form do not have restriction for langauge., he added.

Chief guest Kumble Sundar Rao, president  of Karnataka Yakshagana Academy , said that one who has love towards Yakshagana must always remember PV Aithal and his contribution to the field. This english yakshagana helps people to to understand and enjoy the the art who do not know kannada langauge.

Yakshagana has its own reputaion and status which includes five elements like dance, songs, dialogue, makeup and costumes. Further the academy will also start academic exams for yakshagana like dance and singing.
The organisers also felicitated the Yakshagana background artistes like Padyanna Shankarnarayana Bhat, Deewana Shankar Bhat, Krishnayya Achar in recognition of their contribution to the field of Yakshagana on the occasion,  with the Shawl, momento and citation.

Vivek Varun Prasad, Commissioner of Income tax presided over the function and and Senior advocate Seetharam Shetty participated as the chief guests.


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