PA College opposes the Raging news in the media

5:20 PM, Tuesday, September 21st, 2010
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Mangalore : The primary investigation pertaining to ragging case that occurred in the P A Polytechnic College in July 2009 revealed that the clipping was recording of a rehearsal for a skit by the students in the hostel room and not enacted in the college, said Prof Surfraz Hasim, Students Welfare Officer of PA College.
Speaking at the press meet held at press club on September 21, said that all the students seen in the clipping were of the same batch admitted to PA polytechnic in July 2009 and were studying together for the last fifteen months. The students were not being ragged as depicted by the video itself was a recording of a rehearsal for skit by the students, recorded using a mobile where two of the students had acted ass Junior and others as senior.
Presently these students are studying in 3rd semester in P A Polytechnic and do not belong to P A College of Engineering. Any play to be enacted in the college, must be approved by the Students Welfare Officer during the rehearsal. The College has been set up in the year 2000 and no incident of raging took place so far.
One of the students Mr Abdulla was not attending the classed as he was not eligible after the declaration of first year results of Polytechnic, since July 2010. The students had given statements which stated that this video clipping was recorded during their study holiday somewhere in October 2009 and the student who shot the video in the mobile has send the clipping to one of his friends and he might have forwarded to other students.
Based on the news aired in the channels and newspapers, the Police officer of the jurisdiction was in a rush to clear the matter and registered a FIR on the information given by the Director which categorically requested the police to look into the video clipping and the news being aired by the media, he said.
Advocate Udayakumar, KM Haneef, Director (Administrator), Iqbal, registrar and Prof G Ramalingan Gowd, Principal, PA Polytechnic were present at the press meet.


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